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New Features

Version 4 of Kurso is released! — Version 4 of Kurso de Esperanto is now available for download. It runs in Windows, Linux and Mac OsX. Check it out: download page

Zamenhof's life in a movie! — La Vivo de Zamenhof (Zamenhof's Life), is the newest movie project of Joe Bazilio, who has authored another two movies in Esperanto. More information in this website: http://imagufilmoj.wordpress.com/la-vivo-de-zamenhof/


Kurso de Esperanto is a multimedia computer program for teaching yourself Esperanto. Here are several of its features:

New features in version 4:

  • Printing of lessons and exercises;
  • Works on Apple Mac OsX;
  • You can increase or decrease the font size;
  • New look;

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